general ledger, cashflow forecast
No date constraints

No need to declare the period of time to cover when you create a new file. More than one financial year can reside in a datafile. You split your data between the old and the new financial years when it suits you.

Cost centres

STEWARDSHIP uses the concept of dissections which are more flexible than sub-accounts

In the example above dissections have been created for each motor vehicle and petrol, leasing or depreciation, etc... can be traced for each car.

Automatic double entries

double entry with cheque account
for petty cash, cheque accounts, credit cards and journal

Batch of single entries

split a cheque payment into several accounts or sketch an entire balance sheet in one go

Information Lookup

Create new accounts and dissections; check account balances and attributes on the fly while you are posting entries to the ledger.

Cash flow forecast

Recurring transactions can be used by Stewardship to map into the future your cash requirements. The starting balance will be the total of your current assets and liabilities. As each outgoing and incoming monies are encountered the graph is being built for you. This can be displayed as a standard report also.

Linked transactions

If you are running the books of 2 or more related entities you may save yourself some typing by using linked transactions.

Whenever you are posting to an account which has a recipient and a subject defined, a transaction is being dispatched to that recipient set of accounts (another Stewardship file).

Whenever you open a Stewardship file you are being prompted with any recurring transaction which has fallen due; as well as any linked transaction which is being sent to you by another Stewardship file. This method is also used by Salesmanship (Debtors, Creditors) and Leadership (Payroll) to update your general ledger.

Source & Application of Funds

This reports shows who finances what. Between two points in time (last year figures and year to date figures) the movement of funds is being analysed. This gives a link between successive balance sheets.

Sources of funds are increases in liabilities and decreases in assets while application of funds are the opposite.