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Mailing lists

Maintain mailing list with tag/untag. Track origin of sales response to advertising vs direct mail vs salesperson canvassing

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tag/untag parties

Sales activities

Salesmanship maintains your prospects/clients list. You can view a complete customer history and drill down to see each order if need be. Take notes of each contact with free form text and follow up with reminder dates on each person you need to chase up. Postcodes are validated as per the data published by Australia Post, phone numbers, dates, credit card numbers are all checked as you enter them. Use the tag/untag feature to build a mailing list by adding or subtracting to an existing set. Quotations can later be used as a template for raising a customer sales order.

Products and services

Products can be assigned a trigger - a quantity below which you need to reorder. Pending orders which are on hold because an item is not available will be released as soon as that item is coming in. The inventory report values your stock as per your last buying price which reflects today's market conditions. You can produce a product history and find out where and when you sourced that line and who bought it.

edit a product or service

each produvt can be described by a photo

Ordering workflow

Salesmanship keeps track of the progress of your orders step by step : A SALES ORDER is followed by one or more SALES DISPATCHES which allows for part deliveries. When all is completed a SALES INVOICE is raised. If a client returns some goods it is documented by a SALES RETURN. If a client pre-pays some goods a SALES RECEIPT is produced. A COUNTER SALE is used when order, delivery, invoice and payment are all done at once.

In a parallel fashion a PURCHASE ORDER is placed in anticipation of one or more PURCHASE COLLECTIONS. When all is received a PURCHASE INVOICE is to be paid according to the supplier's terms. If returning faulty goods a PURCHASE RETURN is used. A PURCHASE LAY BY is used to put a deposit on tailor-made items or items in high demand. A COUNTER PURCHASE is used if order, delivery, invoice and payment are all done at once. Finally a STOCKTAKE is used to account for losses, wastages, etc...

Accounting workflow

ORDERS PENDING is a report which shows all orders on hold because of items currently out of stock. PRODUCT TRIGGERS shows all product lines in need of re-ordering. ORDERS OVERDUE shows payments due - both from customers and to suppliers. BUCKETS are places were you accumulate things such as GST, freight, insurance, credit card sales, sales commissions until such time you make or receive a payment and reset that account to zero.


Each time you start SALESMANSHIP the software checks for payments overdue, product lines in need of re-ordering, orders ready to dispatch and parties to follow up.

sales invoice

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