Time management payroll human resources
Timesheets and Rosters

Time allocations can be entered in the past, present or future.

edit personal record


Cost Centres

Each amount of time spent is recorded against a dissection (cost centre or activity).

Keep activities within budgets

You can report on each dissection either in Person Hours or in wages spent.

Tax Rates

Customise the tax rates for each individual if need be to cope with different tax free thresholds

tax rates

Cash Flow

People can be paid daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly on the same day as their starting day. Do a Pay Run as often as you need - only the people due at that time will be processed.

No need for expensive stationery

LEADERSHIP can use the cheque forms currently issued by your bank. Payslips are printed on plain paper with your colour logo if desired and will fit a DL window faced envelope.